Welcome to China Arts, a place to share the stories, meanings, and deep symbolism of traditional Chinese culture.

Founded by a couple - Ace from Australia and Tracey from China - our journey began with a simple gift that sparked a realization.

Tracey decided to buy Ace an elegant Chinese Calligraphy gift set because he was learning Chinese at university and enjoyed calligraphy. She had to pay expensive shipping fees, customs duties and wait for over a month for it to arrive which made the process unnecessarily difficult.

This was where the idea for China Arts was born. By leveraging Tracey and Ace’s deep cultural knowledge and ability to cooperate with China’s best manufacturing and logistics partners, not only would China Arts help people to avoid all the unnecessary inconveniences, but also help people understand the deep cultural significance behind gifts.

China Arts has grown into the gift store it is today where we curate a diverse selection of gifts that showcase the richness of Chinese culture, from intricately crafted calligraphy sets to traditional tea sets and beyond. Each item is carefully chosen to reflect the timeless elegance and profound symbolism in traditional Chinese culture and art.

We believe that sharing culturally meaningful gifts should be effortless and enriching, which is why we strive to streamline the experience for you. We want to bring you the world of Chinese traditional culture and make it easy for you to share it with someone.

We are committed to fostering cultural appreciation and understanding through our offerings. With each gift, we aim to illuminate the stories, meanings, and traditions behind our gifts, inviting you to embark on a journey of discovery and connection.

Whether you're seeking a meaningful gift for an acquaintance, colleague, friend, loved one or simply looking to indulge in the beauty of Chinese culture, China Arts is here to inspire and delight. Join us as we celebrate art, heritage, and the boundless spirit of traditional Chinese art and culture. Welcome to China Arts.